A Valentine's Day gift to warm the heart 


With Valentine's Day fast approaching why not give your loved one something they will love and you will both enjoy for years to come?


Stone Globe Lights provide LED garden lighting in many forms and for various purposes.  There are many unique lighting ideas that use these garden globe lights.


As patio lights, they are a decorative garden feature while you sit relaxing with a glass of wine, and in the evening they light up providing illumination.


Unique lighting ideas


An inspirational gift for Valentine's Day could also be a cluster of Globe Lights as in the picture below. The LED lights can sit within planting or at the edge of decking for decorative purposes.


Outside Lighting  


 The Globe Lights can also sit as a pair of Gate Post Lights, for the perfect pillar or driveway feature, welcoming you home.


Unique lighting ideas

You can choose either the Finial Globe Lights, customised to match the pier caps and masonry of the pillars as in the picture above, or you can choose the Gate Post Lights in the picture below. Stone Globe Lights are available in different sizes and colour finishes to suit your individual requirements.


Unique lighting ideas

For unique lighting ideas as a Valentine's Day gift check out our products on here by clicking here or alternatively get in touch with designer, Joanna Wallis directly on 01638 577745  to ensure delivery can be in time for Valentine's Day.