Joanna Wallis is the creator of Stone Globe Lights, unique garden and landscape lighting with a dual day and night function.


Stone Globe Lights are striking garden features by day, which become welcoming lights at night.


The idea for the Globe Lights came about following a commission to design some ‘moonlike’ lamps for a client. Since then, they have become very popular across the UK and overseas.   


The Stone Globe Lights are made here in the UK, and priority is placed on the quality of each individual Globe Light we produce.


We are concerned about the environment and recycle wherever possible.


Whether you are a private owner, a garden designer, landscaper or architect, the Globe Lights will be of interest.


In the words of the Garden Design Journal, ‘as ornamentation, ambient and task lighting all rolled into one, they have vast design potential.’


"The attraction of Joanna Wallis's globe lights is not only the remarkably authentic stone look by day and the glow of the globe by night, but also the price.  The globe lights are significantly cheaper than their stone counterparts and far more interesting!"

Lt. Col. Robert Cartwright, LVO,  Bursar Ibstock Place School

Joanna Wallis

stone globe lights