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                                      28cm & 38cm 'Grey Marble' Spherical Globe Lights add the finishing touches to this beautifully landscaped outside area.  

            During the day the colour of the Globe Lights blend perfectly with the tiles, and when evening comes they provide soft illumination.


Stone globe lights

28cm 'Sandstone' Spherical Globe Lights lining the driveway of this classic country residence and edging the lawn.




As well as outdoor lighting at ground level, the Stone Globe Lights can also be fixed to pillars providing superb gate post lights and a decorative feature by day.

Entrance lighting at racing stables

These 28cm Stone Globe Lights in 'Sandstone' finish help to create a magnificent entrance at leading racehorse trainer Marco Botti's Newmarket Stables.



Driveway lighting

Driveway Globes lining this drive, placed at 5 metre intervals on either side.  The 'Granite' finish in the 28cm size,

was chosen to blend in with the edging of a similar colour.  Dramatic and effective driveway lighting.


28cm 'Weathered Stone' Spherical Globe Lights look at home in this pretty country garden. 



28cm, 38cm & 50cm Spherical Globe Lights in 'Weathered Stone' finish.  

Marine quality stainless steel spike screws on to 28cm & 38cm Spherical Globe base bracket as above, available for soft landscaping.

Shown here with 28cm Spherical Globe Light in 'Sandstone' finish.



A cluster of  'Grey Marble' Globes in the three sizes - 28cm, 38cm and 50cm.

Decorative outdoor lighting




Rae Wilkinson's award winning garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2015,

and below, illuminated on Gala Night. 


38cm Spherical Globe Lights in 'Sandstone' finish.

These 28cm Globes in 'Sandstone' finish create a feature in this newly landscaped garden as well as providing safety at the top of the flight of steps.



As do this pair of similar sized 28cm Globes in 'Granite' finish placed on pillars framing the steps.



The 38cm Spherical Globe Lights in 'Weathered Stone' finish provide an attractive entrance affixed to these 47cm wide pillars.



Pillar lights

The Finial Globe Lights creating atmosphere at the entrance to this impressive property.

Finial Globes at entrance

 The customised finish of the Finial Globe Lights here tones with the warm colour of the bricks used.

 The whole property being lovingly and painstakingly built by the owner himself. 



Dramatic Gatepost lighting

The Finial Globes at the entrance to this Newmarket property by night......


Stone globe lights

and by day.



exterior lighting hotels

Hand crafted Finial Globe Lights installed at Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons Hotel and Restaurant, Oxfordshire.



sandstone globe lighting

28cm 230v 'Sandstone' Spherical Globe Lights sit perfectly either side of this gateway.  

The colour finish being an ideal match with the pillars.


sandstone globe lighting

By night using LED CFL light bulbs 


28cm 'Granite' Spherical Globe Lights


28cm 'Weathered Stone' Spherical Globe Lights used as a safety feature lighting up the steps when dark


outdoor lights

globe light specifications

                                                  'Sandstone' finish Spherical Globe Lights                                        Finial Globe Light dimensions


Bespoke, customised Finial Globe Lights


Bespoke, Customised Finial Globe Light on right


As above, lit up.

Finial Globe Light on the right, and to the left the original stone one.