Our ever popular Stone Globe Lights are available in 12 volt as well as 240v (mains). The benefits of 12 volt models are that they are totally safe for garden and pets and can now be installed by anyone using our new 12volt plug and play cable and accessories. Simply purchase the transformer and 10mtr cable pack. The transformer will plug into a standard UK socket and the rest all plugs together in minutes. No electrician No fuss.




12v 22w transformer

12v 24w transformer

This transformer will run a maximum of five 12 volt Stone Globes.

It plugs into a standard UK 13amp socket which can be inside a shed or garage, or is accessible from within the house.  It can also be plugged into a standard weatherproof outside socket with a lid that closes making it weatherproof.

Please contact us if you are looking to put more than five Globe Lights on a transformer as larger transformers are available.



Cable for stone globe lights

10mtr Cable pack

This cable is especially designed to be used with our 12v Globe Lights. 

Plug it into the 12v transformer and using the female connectors (one supplied per Globe ) simply clamp onto the cable and plug your light in. 

The cable can be cut to length and then capped off with the end caps provided.


If your cable run is longer than 10mtr, you will need to purchase another 10mtr pack plus a female connector to join the two 10mtr lenghts together.  Alternatively contact us for a 25mtr, or maximum 50mtr cable run.



Female connector Female Connector

This clamps onto our special 12 volt cable where you want a Stone Globe to be positioned.  Plug the light in and it is as easy as that.


These female connectors benifit from being able to be placed anywhere along the cable pack.  Totally watertight and the simple clamp on design takes seconds to put on.  

One connector is supplied per light.



Time sensor

Timer Sensor

This compact little unit plugs directly into the transformer.

Wall mounted outside, it will automatically switch on your Globe Lights at dusk and either off at dawn,  or 1 - 9 hours later (you select the time).

It comes with 1 mtr of included cable that plugs into the transformer and your cable pack will plug into the Time Sensor. All plug and play.



Extension cable

1mtr Extension Cable

Need to extend the cable on the Stone Globes? This is the answer. Again simply plugs together to allow the Stones Globes to be positioned further away from the main run of cable. 

Cable can be plugged together to form longer lengths (max 5) or conact us as other options are also available.



LED 12v lamp

LED 12v Lamp

LED bulb for 28cm, 38cm & 50cm spherical lights 12v. LED G4 4W 400 lumens warm white.



Support spike for stone globe light Ground support spike for 28cm 38cm spherical lights
  • Marine quality stainless steel spike
  • For use in garden borders, lawns and other areas
  • Attaches to 28 & 38cm Globe Light bracket
  • Use larger support spike for 50cm Globe
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Non-corrosive


Ground spike

Ground support spike for 50cm spherical lights

  • Marine quality stainless steel spike           
  • For use in garden borders, lawns and other areas
  • Attaches to 50 cm Globe Light bracket
  • Length: 20cm                         
  • Non-corrosive