The box ball and Globe Light unite

12th Feb 2016


The shape of box balls, or to give them their correct name Buxus sempervirens, and Stone Globe Lights complement each other so well.  In a number of gardens they are placed together to great effect.  Used either in a clustre of varying sizes, or in a row.  The Globe Lights are made in three sizes, 28cm, 38cm and 50cm so there is lots of scope for being creative.


In the experiment below we placed a few artificial box balls and dotted them along the drive together with the Globe Lights.  I was quite pleased with the effect,  and it shows how good they look,  both day

and night!

The finish of the 28cm Spherical Globe Lights is 'Weathered Stone'.  A very natural looking finish

 which blends in so well during day light that people are amazed they are not real stone.